Chiltern Ice Cream Co.

Chilterns AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) based artisnal ice cream producer.  Artisan really means something to us, its about locality and individuality with uniquely handcrafted flavours made with the finest real ingredients. Local is much more than a tagline to us, it means genuinely using ingredients we’ve made ourselves. We’re passionate about the Chilterns and seeking out Chiltern based purveyors that are as obsessed with the highest quality products as we are in making them.

We believe to make great Ice Cream & Gelato you have to start with exceptional milk and cream, not all are created equal.  Ours comes from Laceys Family Farm’s Guernsey herd just up the road from us in Lane End. The richly flavoured, textured and golden coloured Guernsey milk & cream produces ice cream and gelato of exceptional character, creaminess and quality.

Ice Cream & Gelato

We produce both!  Though we really focus on our own in-house Gelato formulation.

Gelato, Italian for Ice Cream? Yes, but more ethos than name.  Gelato contains more whole milk and less double cream than Ice Cream. Its churned at atmospheric pressures increasing its density and made in small batches.  The lower fat content means our great flavours are released quickly and with greater intensity.

Whichever you prefer, we craft our creations to be super creamy, taking indulgent to an entirely different level!


Sorbet often gets a bad rap, unfairly accused of being gritty, icy and somewhat tasteless.  If that’s been your experience to date, let us transform your impression of what sorbet can be, a flawlessly creamy indulgence without the slightest hint of iciness and bursting with natural fruit flavours.

Our sorbets don’t contain any dairy and are suitable for vegans and those with dairy allegeries.

50+ Flavours

Genuinely a small family producer but with a big flavour catalogue and new flavours released regularly!

Produced in small batches we are always experimenting as we search out the finest ingredients!

Real Ingredients & Gluten Free

Real ingredients only, no flavourings (natural or otherwise) or colours.

Ingredients are made in-house and without compromise

Our products are gluten free.

Find Chiltern Ice Cream products

New great places added regularly, use the Contact page to request details of your nearest stockist.

Typically cool local cafes, authentic farm shops, historic homes and great foodie pubs (emphasis on amazing food).