Chiltern Ice Cream Company

Artisan creators of exceptional ice cream, gelatos and sorbets based in Chilterns.

Artisan really means something to us, its about locality and individuality with uniquely handcrafted flavours made with the finest ingredients.

We really understand individuality, some of our creations are so bespoke we might only ever make a single 5 litre batch!

We love to collaborate, it makes for some fantastically bespoke creations that are truly unique.

For example we’ve collaborated with Little Italy to produce a Flat White gelato for them. We used their own house coffee blend, yes, real coffee with the authentic caffeine kick for the true coffee lover! Obsession is part of our DNA so we used cold brew techniques to create an exceptionally smooth coffee flavour profile and of course to be bang on trend!



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125 ml tubs to eat on premises

Our 125ml tubs have spoons in their attractive gold rim lids.

We can supply any flavour in this size tub.


500 ml tubs to take home

Our 500ml tubs are the perfect size for your customers to pickup our fantastic flavours for sharing at home.

We can supply any flavour in this size.

2.5 litre catering size

This size is currently packaged for supply to restaurants and parlours.

We can supply any flavour in this size.

5 litre catering size

This size is currently packaged for supply to restaurants and parlours.

We can supply any flavour in this size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your minimum order quantities?

For now we don’t have one, we’d prefer you remained stocked rather than run down/out of flavours waiting to have a large enough order.  Lets face it, half empty cabinents or empty baskets or shelves aren’t that attractive to customers.  No one wants to feel like their picking over the scraps of whats left!  Provided you’re not ordering a single 125ml pot at a time we’ll try to work with you!

Whats the minimum size for a bespoke flavour?

5 litres, but that can be be in any size container (125ml, 500ml, 2.5l, 5l) and even across container sizes!

Whats the lead time for a bespoke flavour

Well that does very much depend on what the flavour is. If its a variation on one we already do then it could be the same week or even the next day depending on where we are in a production cycle.  If we need to source ingredients it could take a bit longer, but generally no more than a fortnight.

How long between placing an order and it being delivered?

We’ve been known to deliver the same day!  It does depend on what you’re ordering and whether its in stock, typically its no more than a couple of days.

Can you arrange for a freezer?

We can, they come with our distintive logo.  We really are artisan producers so we don’t have a warehouse full of them, in fact we typically source used freezers, check them over, carry out a PAT and then logo them.  They look great and are authentic artisan! If you already have one and you’d like us to apply the Chiltern Ice Cream Company logo get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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