Mango Dessert Photo

Our Chef range is more than just larger tub sizes.  For Chiltern Ice Cream Co. its all about becoming an extension of your kitchen!  Developing flavours your want, not just what we done!

We understand kitchens are hostile environments for ice cream and sorbets.  Factors like meltdown and scoopability are critical to consistently delivering an exceptional dessert experience to your customers. You need ice creams & sorbets capable of being scooped directly from the freezer, that don’t immediately melt into a formless puddle.  We develop our ice creams, gelatos & sorbets to be scoopable from -19c – 21c to deliver that.  This limits heat shock, minimising ice crystal growth extending the usable lifespan of our ice creams & sorbets to the very last scoop.

Deconstruction is more than a trend, its about delivering visually captivating flavours perfectly, whether thats hot, warm, cold or frozen on a single plate.  You can’t do that bundling everything into a single element.

Texture or no texture?   You decide, we understand its down to the experience you want to deliver.  When does the flavour need to come it, we understand how to bring them in, released in a burst and gone or slow build and left lingering on the palate. 

Looking for a partner who understands and can deliver flavour exceptional flavour pairings, create intense flavours with only real ingredients of exceptional character, ready to work with you to dial in perfection.

We are craftsman.

The range…basil, beetroot, espresso martini, pink peppercorn, tonka bean….been there, done it, nailed it to the wall!   Chiltern Ice Cream Co. is not defined by a range, our limit is imagination….are you ready to get creative!

We do the basic flavours with the same care and attention to detail we lavish on the quirky and off the wall flavours.  We make ingredients in-house to our own recipes, grinding nuts, blending chocolate.  We demand purity & integrity at every stage and we refuse to compromise.  Our flavours aren’t designed by committee.  There are no chemical changes, only physical ones in the making of ice cream & sorbet, what you start with is what you end up with.  If you start with cheap ingredients thats what you end up with, they won’t become something else.

Dessert is the last lingering memory your customers leave with as their experience with you draws to a memorable close, it should be as epic as their experience with you began!

The Big 5

  • Madagascan Vanilla – real deal, authentic Madagascan Vanilla.  We buy it from a small family run importer.  When prices skyrocketed  a few years back many dropped the real vanilla and went for cheap vanilla flavour, not us!  The madagascan market it rife with corruption & theft, personnally its saddens us.  By using an independent importer who deals direct with small growers we avoid supporting the gangs trying to control the market.  We can only hope for a better future there, everyone deserves to live in peace & safety.
  • Dark Chocolate – its regularly described as fudgy and hands down the best chocolate gelato/icecream ever.  Why?  We blend our own chocolate!  Yep we seek out the finest cocoa and go from there.  Our favourite is black cocoa for its deep & intense colour, smoothness and lack of bitterness.  Its what you want your chocolate gelato to taste like but are so often disappointed insipid flavours.  The number of times we’ve been told “I don’t like chocolate ice cream, but yours I could eat all day!”
  • Sea Salted Caramel – characterised by deep, dark, complex caramel flavours, delicate butter notes and genuine trapani sea salt (from a World Wildlife Sanctuary) it sets the bar so high no one comes even close.  Its what caramel should always be, we achieve it by a roasting process that takes 4 days to complete, maturing the flavours slowly building intensity slowly.
  • Double Honeycomb – Using generous amounts of honeycomb we make in house, to eliminate additives, we craft a honeycomb gelato with a deep colour &  flavour intensity.  Next we add chunky pieces of buttery honeycomb, again made in house to complete this amazing honeycomb experience.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip – kidding right? Wrong! Peppermint & Dark Chocolate is a long time pairing and a regular chart topper!  Sure we only use organic peppermint and Belgian Chocolate Chips and not even a hint of green food colouring to elevate this classic to a whole new level.  You certainly won’t be disappointed!

The less well known, but definitely worth a mention;

  • Almond & White Chocolate
  • Chocolate & Mint
  • Chocolate & Orange
  • Coffee Bean Chip
  • Double Chip
  • Gianduia
  • Movietime Popcorn
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Chip
  • Pistachio
  • Sea Salted Caramel & Toasted Hazelnut

We’ve crafted well over 50 flavours so get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Our sorbets are suitable for vegans and yet nearly indistinguisable from the texture of ice cream. How do we do it?  Lots of real ingredients, imagination & exceptional skill.

Sensually creamy and bursting with a flavour intensity that annouces the finest ingredients loudly.  We’ve mastered the techniques necessary to deliver truly exceptional sorbets and become innovators in this space.

Never icy and unsplitable unless really abused our sorbets will change your mind about sorbet forever (at least Chiltern Ice Cream Co. sorbets), what they can be and how it they can deliver exactly the flavour you’re looking for.

A taster list of what we do;

  • Blackberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Earl Grey
  • Elderflower
  • Mango
  • Morello Cherry
  • Passion Fruit
  • Raspberry
  • Sicilian Lemon

Storage conditions are crucial for maximum longevity and quality of ice cream & sorbets in general and they can be formulated to operate best in different temperature ranges.

We formulate our products to be scoopable directly from upright cabinet freezers running at -19c to -21c.  This minimises scooping time, reducing heatshock, keeping them in peak condition for up to 3 months.

Stored below -25c and our products will remain in peak condition for considerably longer with most achieving a year without issue.

Stored between -14c to -16c or warmer they will be very easy to scoop, think quenelle, at those temps they won’t last more than a week before the milk sugars (lactose) in the ice cream can be detected on the palate as a gritty (not icy) texture that just won’t melt away.


Its tough to manage these in a fast paced modern busy kitchen, but they’re critical to keep on top of .  We do our bit by keeping them to a minimum, frankly they’re shouldn’t be many in high quality products!

Ice Cream – Milk

Sorbet – None

Ok, our nut ranges of course have nuts, but we put that in bold on the tub label, easy to find, easy to  manage.

What about egg? Nope, a traditional stabiliser/emulsifier it was long ago outclassed by more modern seaweed derived, allergen free alternatives, avoiding potentially unpleasant flavours and of course striking a powerful allergen off the list!

All our products are gluten free, but you have to ask why would gluten be there in the first place, unless it contained biscuit!